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Making Judicial Appointments Reform Work

How the National Judicial Council can Improve Implementation of its Judicial Appointment Guidelines

This publication examines the gaps in the implementation by Judicial Service Commissions of the Extant Revised National Judicial Council (NJC) Guidelines and Procedural Rules for the Appointment of Judicial Officers of all Superior Courts of Record in Nigeria and canvasses reforms that would help bridge those gaps and improve the procedures for the appointment of judicial officers in Nigeria.    Read More »

Judge Transfers and their Adverse Impacts on Justice Delivery

This is a report of a study conducted by Access to Justice of two courts in Nigeria, namely: the Federal High Court and the National Industrial Court, to investigate the practice and modes of transferring judges from one judicial division to another and the problems associated with those transfers    Read More »


Why Judicial Appointment and Disciplinary Systems of Lower Courts must be Reformed

In this special edition of the Justice Observatory Journal, Access to Justice examines the framework for appointing and disciplining lower court judicial officers in two jurisdictions – Lagos State Judiciary and the Judiciary of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.    Read More »

Publication of Case Law Material

Under the Legal Resource Programme (LRP) A2Justice has published six volumes of its case law resource material -“Cases on Human Rights (CHR)”. CHR is a compilation of ground- breaking decisions on human rights jurisprudence from both local and international courts.

Litigating for Justice

This publication looks at how public interest litigation, in its various adaptations, has evolved in different societies; the factors that have shaped its growth and defined its form and those that have stood in its way. The research also looked at its potentials and its future, to understand what prospects it has going forward.    Read More »

The Justice Observatory Journal(JOJ) Spotlights Issues of Independence and Accountability in Nigeria's Judiciary

Under JIIP, A2Justice holds the Judiciary to a high standard of behaviour and exercises vigilance to see that standard maintained and enforced.   A2Justice has published seven editions of the advocacy journal the Justice Observatory Journal (JOJ).   Read More »

The Balance of Justice Judges the Judges

A2Justice has also undertaken court monitoring projects to assess how Judges were managing cases before them. Court monitors observed court room proceedings over a given period of time and presented reports on issues ranging from the adjudicatory behaviour of Judges,   Read More»

Monograph: Reforming the Judicial Recruitment System

To galvanize reforms towards reforming judicial recruitment procedures, A2Justice researched and published the monograph Reforming the Judicial Recruitment System.   Read More»

Reforming for Justice Overviews Judicial Reforms in Nigeria (1999-2007)

Reforming for Justice is a dissecting review of the progress Nigeria has made towards reforming justice institutions since the transition to democracy in 1999, in various thematic areas.    Read More»


The Coroner's Place: Using Coroner to Uncover Facts About  Extra-judicial Killing
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A Report On the Implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law 2011 of Lagos State
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