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Project Vacancies in a (non-profit) Justice Advocacy Organization

The Organization is seeking exceptional candidates to fill existing project vacancies for the under-listed positions. The project seeks to strengthen achievement of criminal justice reforms, improve protection against torture and ill-treatment through capacity building and expand access to legal assistance for poor people, all of which will take place in three jurisdictions. The positions are based in the organization’s office in Lagos and will require occasional travel outside of Lagos State. The positions are;

Project Director (The position will be embedded in the office of “Deputy Executive Director”) [One-and-a-half year period (may be renewable) Ref: PD (DED)
Operating from the Organization’s Lagos office, the candidate will take overall responsibility for implementing the project and supervising all of its staff; s/he will coordinate and oversee project activity planning and programming, achieving agreed targets within specified timelines, identify and manage the spectrum of relationships that have vital implications for the success of the project, as well as manage the issues, challenges and opportunities arising during the implementation of the project. In addition to these, the candidate will:

  • Act as the chief operating officer of the organization when requested, and discharge all the responsibilities and functions of that office which include; (a) Providing oversight, supervision and guidance for programme/project staff; (b) managing the organization’s relationships with a broad group of institutional stakeholders; (c) Implementing/coordinating programmes for successful delivery of results within assigned timelines; (d) Participating in strategic planning and budgeting meetings as well as coordinating growth and fundraising activities; (e) Coordinating staff performance evaluations and stimulating improved performance through appropriate interventions.

Target Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will be a driven lawyer with at least seven (7) years post-call experience, who has a deep understanding of the key issues and challenges in the administration of justice, respect for human rights and the rule of law in Nigeria. S/he should be passionate about the organization’s mission and vision, and committed to enhancing access to justice (particularly) for poor people. S/he should be a creative thinker, with excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be able to undertake effective programme, fundraising and development activities without supervision. S/he must have the ability to prioritize and manage competing tasks and activities and satisfactorily meet deadlines as well as achieve targeted outcomes. Some experience of work in a non-profit sector at a relatively high level is considered a major advantage. Compensation is within the N4,800,000 – N5,400,000.00 p/a range.

SENIOR PROJECT OFFICER [One and a half year period] Ref: SPO

Operating from the Organization’s Lagos office, the Senior Project Officer will be responsible for delivering a number of actions taking place in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Anambra State. The actions are part of an embracing project concept to improve the administration of criminal justice, strengthen protection against torture and expand the availability of legal assistance to indigent persons.

Target Candidate Profile

The ideal candidate will be a lawyer with at least seven (6) years post-call experience, with demonstrated capacity to execute rule-of-law projects and deliver targeted outputs/outcomes with remarkable success within specific timeframes. S/he will be an effective planner with ability to manage potential multi-dimensional contingencies; S/he will also be a robust relationship builder and manager who can knock on doors with unflinching courage and perseverance as well as manage a multiple set of interventions to achieve desired goals.

This position has a significant travel component. Some experience of work in a non-profit sector at a relatively high level is considered a major advantage. Compensation is within the N4,200,000.00 – N4,800,000,00 p/a range.

RESEARCHERS (2 Research Positions for FCT, Abuja and Anambra State Respectively: duration Ten months) Ref: LEAR-FCT (for FCT Abuja-based applicants) / LEAR-Anambra - for Anambra State-based applicants)

Two researchers are needed in the FCT Abuja and Anambra States respectively to implement a contract for gathering information relating to the use of torture/ill treatment in Law Enforcement Agencies (in the two jurisdictions) over a ten-month period. The candidates must be able to conduct interviews with persons in detention, possess in-depth investigative skills and write reports of their research. The candidates must be graduates who have demonstrable research abilities. Evidence of past research/report will be required to be given.

The position carries a remuneration of N75,000 per month.

Legal Researchers Court Research Position (4-6 weeks) Ref: CLR FCT (for FCT-based applicants) and CLR-Anambra (for Anambra State-based applicants)

2 Researchers are required in the FCT Abuja and Anambra States respectively to conduct research in specified Magistrates/High courts in the FCT Abuja and Anambra State. The candidates must be able to generate information, and access relevant data from court records and interviews with court staff. The candidates must be graduates with at least 2-3 years post call litigation experience. The Research will pay up to N200,000.

 How to Apply

Applicants are invited to submit, by email, a resume and a cover letter (with a minimum of two professional references) by October 22, 2019, to applications@accesstojustice-ng.org and include the Reference No. of the position they are applying for in the subject line of their emails. This organization is an equal opportunities employer and third party interventions for interested persons are neither necessary nor welcome.





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