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Vacancies in Access to Justice

The Organization is seeking exceptional candidates to fill existing vacancies for the under-listed positions. Both positions are based in the organization’s office in the FCT Abuja and will require occasional travel to, and short-residencies in Lagos.

Deputy Director (For a renewable 2 ½ year period)

Reporting to and working closely with the Executive Director, this person will oversee operations, planning and programmes, and co-provide strategic direction for the organization. The core responsibilities include:

  • Providing oversight, supervision and guidance for programme staff;

  • Developing and managing the organization’s relationships with diverse stakeholders,

  • Coordinating projects, and ensuring that they achieve their objectives within scheduled timelines

  • Participating in strategic planning and budgeting;

  • Participating, as requested by the Executive Director, in development(fundraising) activities;

  • Coordinate staff performance evaluations and create regular opportunities for appropriate professional development opportunities for staff

  • Coordinating other actions as requested by the Executive Director

  • Lead and/or supervise critical projects and organizational initiatives

  • Work closely with Programme and administrative staff to ensure that all operational functions run smoothly

  • Oversee the legal representation of causes in different courts or fora

The ideal candidate will be a forward-thinking lawyer of at least 6 years post-call experience, with a deep understanding of the key issues and challenges in the administration of justice, human rights as well as the delivery of legal and judicial services. He or she should be passionate about the organization’s mission and vision, and committed to enhancing access to justice particularly for poor people and human rights in Nigeria. S/he will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be able to undertake effective fundraising and development activities without supervision. S/he must have the ability to prioritize and manage competing tasks and satisfactorily meet deadlines and desired outcomes. In the absence of the Director, s/he will assume overall responsibility for the work of the organization. Compensation is within the N2,700,000-N3,000,000 p/a range

Programme Officer (2½  years)

Reporting to the Deputy Director/Executive Director, this person will be responsible for the following:

  • Implement existing projects to monitor integrity and independence of the judiciary in Nigeria and publicize threats to these institutional values, as well as the administration of justice of Nigeria as a whole.

  • Implement and monitor projects that have strong access to justice and human rights content.

  • Develop proposals that cover conceptual, methodological, operational, evaluative, and financial elements for consideration by grant making institutions;

  • Conduct research and fact-finding inquiries relevant for the project’s or organization’s goals and objectives.

  • Identify needs for policy changes at State and Federal levels that will positively impact the administration of justice, ease access to justice obstacles, strengthen accountability for human rights violations and undertake advocacy for the reform of, or adoption of policies to achieve the desired goals.

  • Develop partnerships with funding agencies to support project activities.

  • Prepare project documents for approval.

The required candidate should be a qualified attorney of at least 4 years post-call experience, with strong familiarity with the national, regional and international system for the protection of human rights, legal advocacy, excellent and demonstrable written and verbal communication skills, and a passion for the mission of the organization.
Compensation is within the N1,000,000 – N1,500,000p/a range.

 How to Apply

Applicants are invited to submit a resume and a cover letter and a minimum of two professional references by June 20, 2018, to applications@accesstojustice-ng.org and should write "Deputy Director" or “Programme Officer” as appropriate in the subject line of their emails. This organization is an equal opportunities employer and third party interventions are neither necessary nor welcome.





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