A2Justice Condemns Monalido Shootings.

On the 12th of May, 2012 one Darlington Amaihan, a 38 year old artisan, Joy Odeyemi, a 37 year old business woman and Joseph Azubike a 37 year old business man were shot by some police officers at Monalido Night Club in Apapa area of Lagos State. It was a case of some trigger-happy police officer shooting randomly in expression of an misplaced excitement.
Joy Odeyemi and Joseph Asubike lost their lives to the shootings, while Darlington Amaihan sustained gunshot wounds on his back and knee. A2Justice reported the incident to the Apapa District Coroner and which has commenced Inquest on the killings.

Access to Justice on behalf of Joy Odeyemi& 2 Ors v. The Nigerian Police