A2Justice and Nigerian Bar Association Fight against the Disobedience of Court Orders through JOCRP

In an advocacy effort to ensure that government substantiates its commitment to respecting the rule of law, A2justice in collaboration with the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) initiated the Judgment/Order Compliance Registry Programme (JOCRP). Through this programme, the NBA puts in place a system to monitor the enforcement of judgments and implementation court orders by government officials and institutions. Issues of flouted court orders by government institutions or agencies would be investigated by judgement/order verification committee of NBA, and a comprehensive documentation of defaults to enforcing court judgment would be forwarded to the Federal or State Attorney General. The affected state governor or the president would also be notified of such defaults.

Periodically, the Nigeria Bar Association and A2Justice will publish in the newspapers cases of flouted court orders or defaults in court judgment implementation by government institution or agencies. These media campaigns against the flouting of courts orders would go a long way in compelling the affected government institutions to comply with court decisions and implement court judgments.

Under this programme the Nigeria Bar Association’s secretariat will maintain an online database of court decisions, judgements and orders. Such a data base will showcase, at any particular time, the level of enforcement or implementation of court decisions, judgements or orders by the affected government institutions or agencies. In the case of total negligence to implement court others by government institutions, the NBA will, in its own discretion, take other action as it deems fit to address the issue.

Amongst other benefits, the JOCRP, would make the MBA more pro-active in ensuring that government institutions and agencies adheres to the rule of law. It will also re-enforce the role of the Bar in professional practice of its members. Most importantly, the programme provides relevant and timely information to public interest layers and civil society organisation on the state of affairs in the affected institutions.